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Hey everyone I`m back I`m not dead just been really busy but anyway enough about me let talk about the sonic this probably my first sonic the hedgehog related review on my channel and surprisingly it not a sonic game yes I`m tackling the sonic the hedgehog comic made by Archie comics.
The Sonic Comic was made back in 1993 it was supposes to be a continuance of the short live Saturday morning cartoon Sonic the hedgehog or Sonic SATAM the comic`s has been on going for 20 years...
...with sonic the hedgehog and the freedom fighters fight in a never ending battle with dr.robotnik/eggman to protect mobuis while borrowing element from SatAM They include characters, stuffs, and location from the video game series like...
...Sonic CD and...

Sonic Adventure 2 with some game being cannon to the comics them self and even brought back some classic characters we hasn`t seen since the genesis days like

Mighty and Ray who`s been out of the action since SegaSonic The Hedgehog and Knuckles chatiox also adding new characters to the story like family members for sonic, tails, and knuckles hell even princess sally is shown to have more then just a father not to long ago.

...Sonic has butt heads with megaman as he battle dr.eggman and dr.wily using the best from both worlds like bass from megaman 7

and metal sonic for once in the comic can not talk what so ever but after seeing him in sonic heroes I understand why however instead of using the comic`s books universe they decided to use the games worlds so what they do...

...Another genesis wave but instead of return the world back to the Sega genesis era they decided to put sonic and megaman back to the modern era (Sonic world after generations and megaman`s world after megaman 10). While the crossover was good and I like how they brought back everything from the old games from green hill zone from sonic 1 to dr.light`s labs and I enjoy how they brought back the dead robot masters we fought in the pasts like the megaman killers and all that so I guess since everybody like the crossover they decided to keep sonic`s world the same while returning megaman`s world to pre-megaman 3 but how to do that well...

...They made it look like dr.eggman ruining everything to cover their track I got ya cover eggman. So 2 issue later here`s the result of sonic every extending world.

...Don`t let the cover fool ya it made look the same but read the first 5 pages and tell me do you know what`s going on...

It starts with sonic I guess falling off the world or something with memory`s of the pasts from what I gather the first image is from issue 177, the second one is from issue 230, the third one is from sonic universe #2 when they did a somewhat lackluster adaptation of sonic adventure 2, with tails, knuckles, and eggman missing for some reason and the last one...ahhh when did this happen don`t use sonic colors as an explanation point because that is a game and if Sega teach us anything anything from any other media is non-canon...

...Afterward sonic falls to the ground in front of mo-bo-tropils what ok first of all 

SatAM said that dr.robotnik took over mobotropoils robotized 85% of it`s citizen and rename it robotropoils...
Two mobotropoils was destory when station square nuclei robotropoils destroying the entire city in the process three westside island where`s that was I asleep when I was playing sonic 1-3 when they where naming island I know four islands Christmas island where sonic was born, south island where the event of sonic the hedgehog 1 took places, neo south island where sonic the hedgehog 2 take places, and angel island where sonic the hedgehog 3 and sonic & knuckles took places but westside island that doesn`t even exist.
Apparently it because Archie and Sega was getting sue by ken penders a former writing for the comics for copyright of his characters so instead of working something out with ken penders they wasted 20 fucking years for a shitty reboot.

I know good reboots Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have so many reboots you can make a pizzas pie out of it but when sonic try the reboot life style it fail hard it be like sonic adventure was a reboot and the game disregard the Genesis games the artwork at first look awesome.

For a comic from the 90`s this is the best that the comics look since 2003 or 04

You can`t say for a comics in the early 2000`s this doesn`t look good but...

This is the worst artwork I have ever seen I mean look at sonic`s faces would sega allow this maybe since they put the...

super awesome mandates fuck you sega ruining a sonic game is one thing...

But ruining my favorite comic book series is a crime I just won`t stand for it.

Instead of the comics to a lot of people being fun to read it`s a guessing game about who comes back or who got cut because of sega mandates if they do come back they have to change their backstory and a lot of this characters backstory is patience like sally...

Your telling me sally was so young she couldn`t defeat motorbugs or buzz bombers oh please sonic was 1 when he starting kicking robuttnik tail so if sonic can do that at the age of 1 then why can`t sally at the age of 7 handle a couple of badnik the only backstory they got right was antione because it just like satAM and the comics as for this so called "freedom fighters" I could careless and unless something change then I`m going with those people who jump ship in run and just let the comics died because a lot fans said the series is dead and for once I agree.

Story: Besides some characters backstory it`s like the games it ok and that`s as far as it goes but it does feel rush. 5/10
Artwork: It was good at first but the current issue ruining it so sorry. 3/10
Redesign: This maybe the only prefect score on this list since the redesign look awesome well done Archie well done.10/10
What`s the same: The only thing the same is sonic and dr.eggman everyone else feel so new and not what we remember so yea heres the score. 1/10
Overall: 4.7 out of 10 just like the star wars reboot this just leave a lot to be impress.
Weather you think it`s ken penders fault or like me think it Archie and Sega unless your a died hard fan who doesn`t care what direction the comics take then you won`t find much enjoy meant here.


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